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Have an idea that you want to turn into a reality? 

       Here at Barrios Upholstery we also do contract sewing for entrepreneurs looking to make their product into a successful reality.  We have the proper machines and right people to produce your product with the best quality material and quick turn around time, while also keeping your product "American made".  We have manufactured many different varieties of products ranging from tactical gun slings , bullet proof plate carriers, ammunition pouches, and even wind screens for tennis courts. We can adapt to any industry that you have in mind.

      To get a quote on the product that you want us to manufacture, you can either e-mail us at or bring in a package that has photos of your product, spec sheet, list of fabrics, expected quantities, and some sort of a marketing plan.  Once we have reviewed your product we will give you a price breakdown based on the quantities and all your information will be fully confidential. 


Made in the USA

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